Thomas and George Woodall Masters of Cameo

Talk to the Contemporary Glass Society with the emphasis of Professionalism What was life like in a small community on the edge of the Black Country during the reign of Queen Victoria, a period of great Industrial progress and social advancement. Thomas and George Woodall were ordinary working men, with artistic talents which they employedContinue reading “Thomas and George Woodall Masters of Cameo”

SHOUT-OUT to Glass Artists and Students For ‘Where in The World’

Hello, my name is Kate Round, and I am part of the design team working on some of the permanent interactive displays for our new Glass Museum in Stourbridge. Website: One project will be a map of the world that will illustrate ‘Where Have Our Glass-makers Gone’. I cannot display actual pieces, but images willContinue reading “SHOUT-OUT to Glass Artists and Students For ‘Where in The World’”