SHOUT-OUT to Glass Artists and Students For ‘Where in The World’

Hello, my name is Kate Round, and I am part of the design team working on some of the permanent interactive displays for our new Glass Museum in Stourbridge.


One project will be a map of the world that will illustrate ‘Where Have Our Glass-makers Gone’. I cannot display actual pieces, but images will be welcome.

There must be many of you working or retired, in contemporary glass, studio glass, commercial glass … who have a history connected to Stourbridge. This is a shout-out to those who are willing to share information that I can use.

Who are you?

What is your connection to Stourbridge?

What is your work/style/medium?

Where in the world are you?

And would you share photographs of you and your work……?

Is you work exhibited in Glass Museums, or private collections, and if so, where?

If you can answer these questions and are prepared to write a brief bio, just a few lines … and send high resolution images which will be credited to you if used, you may well find fame/infamy in our new museum.

Here in Stourbridge, we are fiercely proud of our industry and our heritage … I want this to continue as a legacy for the future. Years ago, many things were not recorded, let me change this. I hope you can help me out with this.

Please send information to Email:

As this will be a permanent museum exhibition in a state-of-the-art showcase museum, I need to be sure that our contemporary glass-makers, those of you pushing the boundaries of talent skills, artistry and glass technology are fully represented.

Published by Kate Round

My name is Dr Kate Round; I am an outreach presenter and tour guide for Dudley Museum Service In my previous life, I was a research chemist so understand the chemistry of glass having worked on the synthesis of ‘zeolites’ (silica based materials) with my work published in International Journals. I have always lived in the Black Country and have a strong industrial family heritage.

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