Cameo Glass

Portland Vase, John Northwood 1876

What is it? How is it made? And how did cameo glass bring fame and fortune to the streets of The Crystal Mile?

This talk will take you to the Cameo gallery in The White House Cone Glass Museum and, starting with the 17thC rediscovery of a lost Roman art form, will show you the challenges faced and the rivalry engendered by the glass dynasties of Stourbridge in their attempts to reproduce Cameo glass.

Through the lives of our local glassmakers and their superb artistic talents, for which Stourbridge glass is world renowned, we will follow the story of Stourbridge Cameo from the 1876 reproduction of the Portland Vase, to the present-day studio artists continuing development of the craft.

Published by Kate Round

My name is Dr Kate Round; I am an outreach presenter and tour guide for Dudley Museum Service In my previous life, I was a research chemist so understand the chemistry of glass having worked on the synthesis of ‘zeolites’ (silica based materials) with my work published in International Journals. I have always lived in the Black Country and have a strong industrial family heritage.

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