In The Melting Pot

The clay pots or crucibles used by glass-makers in Stourbridge were made from clay sourced locally. It is the reason that the Huguenot glass-makers settled in the area. The clay was particularly fine, without impurities that would otherwise cause the pots to fracture in the heat of the furnace. The shape of the pot suitedContinue reading “In The Melting Pot”

Gathers, Gobs and Bits.

A gather of glass is the volume of molten glass needed to be drawn from the pot in the furnace by the glassblower, to work into the preliminary shape. Often more glass is needed to add handles, stems or embellishments. We have imperial and metric units to measure solids and liquids, weights and volumes canContinue reading “Gathers, Gobs and Bits.”

My gift to me….

My encounter with Contemporary Glass Art and the artists. With a result that makes me very happy… try it!

Dulcie’s Story

I am seeing many posts today in celebration of International Women’s Day. This is my tribute to the women who were the backbone of many Black Country industries. Largely un-celebrated and often un-noticed, they were proud hard-working women who worked and raised their families. I give you…. Dulcie May Harper (1936-2021) For the 2012 BiennaleContinue reading “Dulcie’s Story”


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About Me

My name is Dr Kate Round; I am an outreach presenter and tour guide for Dudley Museum Service

In the glass industry, my interests include the historical development of the industry in the Stourbridge district, how the geology and geography impacted on the wealth and sociology of the area, driven by the rivalries of our Glass Dynasties.

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