The end of an era for glass learning in Stourbridge? Wolverhampton School of Art closes their Glass and ceramics courses!!

Ironically in this, the International Year of Glass, Wolverhampton announces the end of over 150 years of arts courses, which began in Stourbridge in 18511. Our glass industry dates back over 400 years, with an international heritage of making important contributions to arts and sciences. An open letter to Margaret Ayliffe the Head of WSoA,Continue reading “The end of an era for glass learning in Stourbridge? Wolverhampton School of Art closes their Glass and ceramics courses!!”

The Role of Women in the Glass Industry

Talk for the Contemporary Glass Society to commemorate International Women’s Day 2020 Celebrated each year on 8th March, the 2020 theme was “Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow“ Introduction: Historically women have had difficulty finding support in many art mediums. Traditionally: pottery weaving, embroidery, and china painting; female sculptors, metal casting or fabrications wereContinue reading “The Role of Women in the Glass Industry”

A Mystery Uncovered

Do you believe in ghosts? many people do and occasionally information is discovered which sheds a light on hitherto unexplained phenomena. This is one such tale. It is the story of an accident which happened in 1835, causing the death of Thomas Hammonds, an apprentice at The White House Glass Works in Wordsley; Thomas wasContinue reading “A Mystery Uncovered”


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About Me

My name is Dr Kate Round; I am an outreach presenter and tour guide for Dudley Museum Service

In the glass industry, my interests include the historical development of the industry in the Stourbridge district, how the geology and geography impacted on the wealth and sociology of the area, driven by the rivalries of our Glass Dynasties.

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