Bits of Glass


Bits of Glass is a series of short stories in video form, about the glass industry.

I will tell you snippets of information that are often unrecorded, about making glass; the processes and the terms used; the products, both familiar and some not so; the people, both the famous and the forgotten.

My inspiration for this series derives mainly from questions that I have been asked following one of my talks. Usually, I have been able to answer questions but sometimes I have no idea of the answer, but that has sent me on a voyage of discovery.

Other source of inspiration are the ‘mysterious objects’, to be found in glassworks as in many industries, both as tools or gadgets or as glass products; and the glass works themselves, often surrounded by stories myths and legends.

Bits of Glass as a Mosaic

Bits of glass were never wasted, broken, faulted and sub standard pieces of the same colour and quality were always returned to the pot, as cullet to be remelted.

Bits of coloured glass have traditionally been assembled into mosaics as stained glass windows and as decorative panels.

Glassware now is recognized as the ultimate recyclable material.

These are my Bits of Glass recycled and assembled into colorful anecdotes, enjoy!

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