The Role of Women in the Glass Industry

Talk for the Contemporary Glass Society to commemorate International Women’s Day 2020 Celebrated each year on 8th March, the 2020 theme was “Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow“ Introduction: Historically women have had difficulty finding support in many art mediums. Traditionally: pottery weaving, embroidery, and china painting; female sculptors, metal casting or fabrications wereContinue reading “The Role of Women in the Glass Industry”

Thomas and George Woodall Masters of Cameo

Talk to the Contemporary Glass Society with the emphasis of Professionalism What was life like in a small community on the edge of the Black Country during the reign of Queen Victoria, a period of great Industrial progress and social advancement. Thomas and George Woodall were ordinary working men, with artistic talents which they employedContinue reading “Thomas and George Woodall Masters of Cameo”

Hazards and Diseases

Many industries used hazardous materials that caused illness and disease. Before regulations introduced by The Factories Acts and current Health and Safety regulations, these noxious substances were not controlled and there was no protective clothing issued to workers. In the glass industry the most toxic materials used were red lead, putty powder, and acid. DiseasesContinue reading “Hazards and Diseases”