Dulcie’s Story

I am seeing many posts today in celebration of International Women’s Day. This is my tribute to the women who were the backbone of many Black Country industries. Largely un-celebrated and often un-noticed, they were proud hard-working women who worked and raised their families. I give you…. Dulcie May Harper (1936-2021) For the 2012 BiennaleContinue reading “Dulcie’s Story”

Meet the Designers

In this blog I would like to tell you how art and design developed in glassware;  and introduce you to some of the 20th Century designers, both in house and commissioned who made sure that Stuart Crystal Products were both desirable and at the forefront of fashion. The elements of good design are functional, practical, ergonomic,Continue reading “Meet the Designers”

Stourbridge Glassmakers their History and their Legacy

I tell of the growth of our glass industry from Medieval Forest Glass and the integration of expert Hugenot glassmakers, from the development of discrete industries making everything from utility bottles, glasses, and windows to the fine crystal tableware for which Stourbridge is renowned. Why did the industry diversify? How did the revolution of regulation,Continue reading “Stourbridge Glassmakers their History and their Legacy”