Talks via Webinar

These changing times have meant that we all need to reassess our working practices.

Many of the clubs and societies that I speak to are having to look at other ways of getting together, to keep us safe while maintaining our social lives.

We are exploring the virtual world to keep in touch with friends and colleagues, and we are exploiting technology to continue with regular meetings and calendars of events.

This new way of socializing enables us to connect, to expand our skills, maintain our interests and add to our knowledge; all from the comfort of our homes.

Webinar Talks via ZOOM or TEAMS are the new way of congregating on our sofas, and inviting speakers into our homes for a pleasant hour of shared enjoyment.

My talks are all adaptable to ZOOM or TEAMS presentations with Power Point Slides to illustrate.

Head over to my talks page and browse

Then contact me for fees and availability

Published by Kate Round

My name is Dr Kate Round; I am an outreach presenter and tour guide for Dudley Museum Service In my previous life, I was a research chemist so understand the chemistry of glass having worked on the synthesis of ‘zeolites’ (silica based materials) with my work published in International Journals. I have always lived in the Black Country and have a strong industrial family heritage.

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