Women in the glass industry

The White House Cone Glass Museum is custodian of many thousands of pieces of glassware reflecting the skills and artistry of glassblowers, designers, and decorators from the Stourbridge area for over 400years. It reflects the industrial efforts from such world-renowned makers as Richardson’s, Stuart Crystal, Royal Brierley Crystal and Webb Corbett’s. Yet how many piecesContinue reading “Women in the glass industry”

Stourbridge Glass – A History

From forest glass making to industrial furnaces This talk is a good introduction to the subject of Stourbridge Glass, and traces the roots of Stourbridge glassmakers back to the 8thC BC, from The Alabastron of Sargon II to their arrival in Stourbridge. We explore the hot side of the industry, the workings of our uniqueContinue reading “Stourbridge Glass – A History”

Glass Decorating, Stuart Crystal at The Red House Glass Cone

Glass Decorating, Stuart Crystal at The Red House Glass Cone. The hot side of the industry in the Red House Glass Cone was where the glass was blown and shaped. The annealed pieces left the shrower washed and inspected for quality as a blank, ready for the cold side of the industry, where some ofContinue reading “Glass Decorating, Stuart Crystal at The Red House Glass Cone”

Sarah Worrall 1722-1799, Glassmaker!

Audnam Glassworks, Stourbridge. 1753-1799 Sarah Worrall, a successful Glassmaking businesswoman, in a time when it was said ‘women were not allowed in the glasshouse, it was an all-male preserve’ After reading of Sara Vincx who in 1595, following the death of her husband, ran a successful glassmaking business in the City of Antwerp; I wasContinue reading “Sarah Worrall 1722-1799, Glassmaker!”

Gray-Stan Glass 1922-1936

Elizabeth Graydon-Stannus 1873-1961 Create and replicate or forgery and fraud? ‘The excellence of the forgery may be fairly adduced as an argument that it is not a forgery at all’ Elizabeth Graydon Stannus was born in Ireland in 1873, she married in 1895 to a Colonel in the British Army who was later killed inContinue reading “Gray-Stan Glass 1922-1936”